Support to help manage your mental health and wellbeing



ZenMINDpod with Jenny Shepherd offers individuals, groups and students support to manage their mental health and wellbeing better, by helping you to manage any associated symptoms: insomnia, anxiety, restlessness, fatigue and poor motivation. 

I'm based in Falmouth but cover Penryn, Helston, Redruth, Truro and the surrounding areas.

I offer an initial FREE 15 minute telephone consultation to discuss your needs and what you are feeling, it also gives you the opportunity to ask me any questions.

Contact me to arrange a time.

ZenMINDpod Mental Wellbeing Expertise

I will offer you a unique and supportive service specific to your needs. This will offer you therapy to move forward and away from anxiety, trauma and old negative patterns of behaviour and enhance your wellness, enable recovery and continued wellbeing.

Qualified Holisitic & Complementary Therapist

Qualified Mental Health Specialist & Expert

Qualified Social Worker

ASD Awareness

Mindfulness Therapist

Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy Coach

Advanced Cognitive Behavioural Therapist

Grief and Loss

Depression, Anxiety, Low Mood and Panic

Wellbeing, Safety Planning, Risk Assessment

Crisis Intervention & Prevention

Personality Disorder support


Trauma / PTSD

Deliberate Self Harm (DSH) minimisation

Jenny Shepherd

I am passionate about offering support to students, individuals or groups who need mentoring and guidance to get back in control of their lives. I will help to manage low mood, anxiety, depression or more acute and enduring mental health disorders, Anxiety, Stress, Phobias, PTSD, Self Harm, Veterans support, Trauma, or any feelings associated with loss, bereavement and sleep disturbance.

As a qualified complementary therapist, social worker, mental health practitioner and Mindfulness and CBT Coach, Advanced CBT Emotional Freedom Therapist, I will offer individuals support and encouragement working alongside you and using a wide variety of techniques and therapies to enhance your own resilience, wellbeing and recovery.

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Support & Wellbeing for Students

I specialise in supporting students with their mental health at school, college or university with their mental wellbeing, before during and after their time in education. My one to one mentoring is available in person or online via TEAMS. 

During your time as a student there are times you may feel hopeless, unmotivated, this can affect your confidence and self-esteem. Which may lead you to feel lethargic, lack focus and withdraw or isolate yourself, and without support it can feel overwhelming and daunting. 

I regularly support students from the University of Exeter in Penryn.

I also offer 10% discount for students, with proof of student status.

ZenMINDpod can support students who experience:

Panic Attacks
Insomnia / Oversleeping
Disordered Eating / Body Image
Intrusive Thoughts
Deliberate Self Harm
Burn out

Getting Well

ZenMINDpod will offer you a holistic, unique and specialised "Tools to Distress Management" programme. I will work alongside you to encourage your own resilience and improve your mental health leading to continued wellness.


Supporting Recovery

This supportive environment will help you embrace your own recovery pathway within the MINDpod, while using a combination of different approaches such as natural remedies, essential oils, techniques and relevant therapies. Alongside nature; that can include walking whilst talking or outdoors meditation when deemed appropriate.

The synergy of my practice and working with nature is also beneficial and is refreshing and can help reset your mind and stimulates your senses, to encourage healing and recovery.

Jenny's support was amazing, she has a real gift. Your amazing true passion, real life experiences and total belief is healing.


Corporate Therapy

Corporate Holistic Mindfulness Training will enhance productivity with the aim of reducing work related stress. All programs are planned and prepared by me to cater for the needs of your staff and the company.

Holistic Solutions

By offering you a combination of techniques, therapy alongside holistic solutions, I will consider your current situation and needs to help boost your recovery and ability to reduce fight and flight symptoms, to establish and maintain optimum health and wellbeing.