Student mental health support & mentoring


Mental health support before, during & after education

While student life at university or college is full of exciting opportunities, it can also be an overwhelming time. I specialise in working with students, alongside their university goals, helping them to manage the course pressure, before, during and after their time in school, college or university education in a balanced manner.

I can offer 1:1 mental health support and mentoring either in person, on site, or online via TEAMS or outdoors, depending on your needs. In addition, if needed I can provide a supporting letter, to your university if required for any time missed from your studies. 

I also offer reduced rates for students, with proof of student status. This gives you 10% off ZenMINDpod prices.

Support, Help & Wellbeing for Students

During your time as a student at university there are times you may feel hopeless, unmotivated, this can affect your confidence and self-esteem. Which may lead you to feel lethargic, lack focus and withdraw or isolate yourself from student life. 
When we are physically unwell, we tend to seek help, are resourceful and are kind to ourselves. However, when we are struggling with our mental health, we can feel like a burden our perception becomes distorted, we beat ourselves up, feel guilty and feel the void with blame. At these times we may struggle to maintain hobbies we usually enjoy, become at risk of self-neglect and feel unable to complete basic tasks, to maintain our personal hygiene, diet or exercise. Without support it can feel overwhelming and daunting. 
ZenMINDpod can provide supporting evidence for any students who may need to take a break from their studies. Or students who wish to return to their studies after a period of absence due to poor mental health. This package would include assessment, review, monitoring and follow up care. That would provide evidence for their universities fitness to study processes and frameworks.
I'm based in Falmouth but cover Penryn, Helston, Redruth, Truro and the surrounding areas.
I regularly support students from the University of Exeter in Penryn.

Mentoring Help for Students

ZenMINDpod can help and support you while studying at university to acknowledge and accept what's going on, and how to move forward and help with your mental health using realistic steps, building enhanced coping skills, strength and resilience throughout your student life and beyond.

I can help support your mental health so you get the most out of your time as a student at university or college, helping you develop as a person, to reach your course expectations and reach your desired outcomes and aspirations. 

ZenMINDpod can help support students who experience the following mental health symptoms:

Panic Attacks
Insomnia / Oversleeping
Disordered Eating / Body Image
Intrusive Thoughts
Deliberate Self Harm
Burn out